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A Guide for Christian Songs


This site is dedicated to the proposition that not all songs are created equal, and that the most important songs are Christian songs. Christian songs that do not perform well, let down the faith they claim to serve. Christian songs that perform well, lift hearts & minds in joy.

This hub is created in the hope that by challenge, improved production of lyrics will work through. May the bad become good, the good become better, the better become best, and the best be loved.

This hub can help individuals and churches in song selection & singing. So far as I may, all my ideas and song rewrites may be used free of charge, simply crediting this website.

Martin Madan (1726-90) compiled a book of 170 hymns. He altered the texts of a good many, but probably wrote none of the hymns himself. Likewise I change rather than compose.

I offer a proposal of a new approach to copyright, allowing default versions on a global database to receive all feedback, and with authorial consent, to be improved, as well as allowing automatic yet limited flexibility for immediate variations to be used at church level pending authorial consideration.

Gloria in excelsis Deo