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Use of a user page as a personal web page unconnected with Wikipedia's mission may be a speedy deletion criterion, as is clear advertising and promotional use. However, pages in user space belong to the wider community. Overwriting with a blank page) provided non-removable notices (if any) are left intact. If there is material you do not want copied, reposted, or reused, do not post it on the site. You can also force a portion of text to be ignored by adding!- in front of it and - after it, or by adding a colon before "Category like this: :Category:Bridges to force a category link to act like a plain wikilink. If someone is to visit your (or someone else's) user or user talk pages a proper page link will be needed (e.g., User talk:Example). User talk page Your user talk page (sometimes abbreviated to "your talk page" or "your user talk has a name like this: User talk: Example. While you do not "own" them, by custom you may manage them as you wish, so long as you do so reasonably and within these guidelines. Deleting others' user pages In general other users' user pages are managed by that user. For the File Upload Wizard, see. Categories, templates that add categories, and redirects Further information: WP:Categorisation  Categorizing user pages Do not put your userpage or subpages, including draft articles, into content categories. Generally, you should avoid substantial content on your user page that is unrelated to Wikipedia. These must be listed at Articles for deletion if they originated as articles, or Miscellany for deletion for anything else.

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If the entire page is inappropriate, consider blanking it, or redirecting the subpage to the userpage, or to the most relevant existing mainspace or project space page. Here is an example: A userbox is a small rectangular box that looks like this. Links to non-free files are acceptableplace a colon before the word "File" as in :File:g. If a user asks you not to edit their user pages, it is sensible to respect their request, although a user cannot avoid administrator attention or appropriate project notices and communications by merely demanding their talk page not be posted. Note that as of 2013, the notification system has replaced the user talk notification banners for registered users. Note the requirements of Wikipedia:Copying within Wikipedia. Blatant misuse of Wikipedia as a web host. For IP editors, templates and notes left to indicate other users share the same IP address. Userspace is not a free web host and should not be used to indefinitely host pages that look like articles, old revisions, or deleted content, or your preferred version of disputed content. For wiki-style community collaboration, you can download the MediaWiki software and install it on your own server if you want full control, or use one of many online wiki farms.

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their age alone. Note 4 In cases in which the filter is insufficient in preventing vandalism to a non-administrator's user page, an editor may create.css suffixed sub-page containing their user page content within their user space, transclude the sub-page into their main user page, then request that. If the material must be addressed urgently (for example, unambiguous copyright, attack, defamation, or BLP reasons, etc. Acts of violence" includes all forms of violence, but does not include mere statements of support for controversial groups or regimes that some may interpret as an encouragement of violence.) These may be removed, redacted or collapsed by any user to avoid the appearance. However, unambiguous copyright violations, attack pages, promotional text, and privacy or BLP violations can be speedy deleted using a suitable template, such as db-attack, db-copyvio or db-spamuser ; other pages likely to require deletion (or where remedial action is not taken) may be submitted. (For instance, create User:Example User as User:Example User/s.) This method will completely prevent further vandalism by limiting user page editing to yourself, and interface administrators since ".js" and ".css" pages in userspace can only be edited by them. On others' user pages The best option if there is a concern with a user's page is to draw their attention to the matter via their talk page and let them edit it themselves, if they are agreeable. Placing the template User page at the start of a user page clearly identifies the nature of the page for readers, and also helps if people find the labeled page in copies of Wikipedia elsewhere (more about this below) and want to locate the original. Copy and modify the following text and put it on your User page : After saving your User page, clicking on this link will provide you with a list of all pages, containing the string "User:Your_Wikipedia_Name which in our test case includes the sandbox, the. Content clearly intended as sexually provocative (images and in some cases text) or to cause distress and shock that appears to have little or no project benefit or using Wikipedia only as a web host or personal pages or for advocacy, may be removed. There is no fixed use for user pages, except that usually one's user page has something about oneself, and one's talk page is used for messaging. this link is to yours.) Its normal use is to give basic information, if you wish, about yourself or your Wikimedia-related activities. User talk notification The message notification as it would appear for registered users You will be notified when someone else edits your user talk page. Very old content on these pages may be removed. User page, your user page has a name like this: User: Example.

You massage sex dejtingsida gratis can create these subpages yourself. To move them sex med tjejer nätdejting nackdelar back where they came from, ask at Wikipedia:Requested moves. Simulation and disruption of the MediaWiki interface The Wikipedia community strongly discourages simulating the MediaWiki interface, except on the rare occasion when it is necessary for testing purposes. Less blatant cases are routinely deleted at WP:MfD. However, if a link to your home page is the only thing on your userpage, this may massage sex dejtingsida gratis be seen as an attempt at self-promotion. If you want it deleted completely then use db-user. Bots and other users may edit pages in your user space or leave messages for you, though by convention others will not usually edit your user page itself, other than (rarely) to address significant concerns or place project-related tags. Those which use Wikipedia as personal webspace, are excessively focused upon sexual material, aim at "pushing the edge" on freedom to use userspace, or make a point, rather than project benefit, especially by editors with a lesser record of positive contribution and cases where non-free. You also have subpages ending.js and.css to store any user scripts and skin customizations that you may wish to have when you edit Wikipedia. Except for blatant or serious matters, it is preferable to try contacting the user before deletion (see above). You can use the template userspace draft to tag a userspace draft if it is not automatically done for you. You do have more latitude in user space than elsewhere, but don't be inconsiderate. Some users place the retired template on their user and talk page to let others know that they are away for an extended period or permanently. Particularly, community-building activities that are not strictly "on topic" may be allowed, especially when initiated by committed Wikipedians with good edit histories. Any editor who intends to improve old userspace drafts can move them provided the creator of said draft is "reasonably" inactive. Pages that preserve material previously deleted, without an active attempt to address the reasons for deletion, if left live, may be deleted by tagging with db-g4. Content copied from mainspace Old copies of mainspace articles should be deleted. Registered users wishing to add back the functionality of the Orange Bar notification may do so through this script. Your email address will remain private unless you reveal it yourself, select the option to reveal it (in preferences or reply using an email system outside Wikipedia. Inappropriate internal or external links that unexpectedly direct the reader to unreasonable locations or violate prohibitions on linking may also be removed or remedied by any user. Of course the return of users in good standing or reformed "problem users" is welcomed if they happen to change their mind. Typing the project page prefix User: (User followed by a colon) will provide search results for the "User namespace". In general, if you have material that you do not wish others to edit, or that is otherwise inappropriate for Wikipedia, it should be placed on a personal web site. User pages are available to Wikipedia users personally for purposes compatible with the Wikipedia project and acceptable to the community; Wikipedia is not a blog, webspace provider, or social networking site. Some of this vandalism is prevented through a filter, as unregistered and unconfirmed editors are not permitted to modify other editors' primary user pages.